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My Anchor Gear Story

Welcome to Anchor Gear Co., a brand born from a deep-seated love for the water and a journey of passion turned entrepreneurship.


My story with the water starts back in childhood, where summers meant freedom and adventure on the open waters. Those days aboard boats weren’t just fun times; they were the foundation of a passion that grew as I did. That love for the water, I passed onto my family, exploring new waterways with my husband as the captain and me as his first mate, alongside our daughters.


When the world hit pause during the pandemic, amidst all the uncertainty, the water remained my sanctuary. It was a time for reflection and, unexpectedly, inspiration for something new. Combining my love for boating with a newfound interest in creating apparel led to the birth of “For The Love Of Boating” – a simple concept fueled by genuine passion.


Starting small, sharing my creations with friends, I quickly saw an overwhelming response. The community’s embrace was heartwarming, their love for the water reflected in the support for the apparel. By spring 2023, I was showcasing my products in local shops and even a waterfront restaurant, but I knew I wanted to reach more water enthusiasts. That’s when Anchor Gear Co. truly set sail, evolving to capture the spirit of life on the water for everyone who finds joy in it.


Anchor Gear Co. is more than just an apparel brand; it’s a community. It’s about those unspoken connections between boaters, shared stories at the dock, and a collective passion for the water. We aim to bring people together, to explore, create memories, and share the beauty of boating.


Our products are inspired by the freedom, adventure, and camaraderie the water offers, paying tribute to the waterways that have been our playground and escape. As we continue to grow, our mission remains clear: to provide gear that resonates with water enthusiasts and fosters a sense of community.


I hope that every piece from Anchor Gear Co. not only finds a special place in your wardrobe but also reminds you of the incredible community you’re a part of. Let’s look forward to more adventures on the water, forming new friendships, and building a future where our shared love for boating keeps us united.


Thank you for being part of this voyage. Together, let’s sail into a future filled with endless adventure, camaraderie, and days spent on the water.


Welcome to Anchor Gear Co. – let’s make waves together.